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Jessie's hourly rate is $120.  Fill out the form below to request a tattoo with her.

*Currently accepting requests for fall 2018* 

Please allow 5–7 days for reply. If your design is chosen for this set of appointment openings, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your consultation.

If your design is not chosen for this set of availabilities, please feel free to resubmit for the round. 

Name *
Please describe in detail what you would like to have tattooed. Reference photos will not be needed until the consultation appointment.
Please indicate an approximate size in inches; or whether you would like a sleeve, half sleeve, full back etc. and the body part you would like it tattooed on.
Please indicate how much you are expecting to invest in your tattoo. Jessie's hourly rate is $100 an hour.
Preferred Appointment Times
We will do our best to schedule your preferred times, however, we cannot guarantee availability. If you leave this section blank, we will assume you are open.

* Please note: not all tattoo requests will be accepted. Preferred subject matter will take precedence. $100 minimum. 

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Jessie has a strong background in illustration and graphic design, with a fine arts degree from the University of South Carolina in Studio Arts.  She is a lover of animals and all things pop culture.  Her delicate lines and interesting textures are a signature of her black and grey work, and she is always up for tattooing desserts. 


More of Jessie's work can be found on her Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. For prints, visit her shop.