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Katelynn's rate is $120 an hour. To get tattooed by Katelynn, schedule a consultation with her below.

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Katelynn is brand new to the St. Louis area. After her last shop, A Sailorโ€™s Grave Tattoo Parlor, was destroyed in Hurricane Micheal, she was forced to relocate to STL from Panama City, Florida. Since the storm she has been traveling and guesting at some awesome shops including Dinosaur Tattoo Company in Dothan AL, Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee FL, Sweet Betsy's Tattoo in Pensacola FL, and Bed of Roses Tattoo in Tampa FL. She specializes in traditional tattooing but also loves to tattoo different styles including dotwork, linework, blackwork, and all things animal and plant related. She strives to constantly progress as an artist and provide a comfortable, enjoyable experience and tattoos that last a lifetime.