Death 13 Tarot - Chelsea Holloway (Large 4x5in)

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Death 13 Tarot - Chelsea Holloway (Large 4x5in)

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Death - Number 13 of the Major Arcana

In keeping with her fascination with the tarot and love of esoteric wisdom, Chelsea chose to focus on the thirteenth card of the Marjor Arcana, Death.

In this card and in our current culture, death is symbolized with a skeleton holding a scythe. The bones represent all that remains of us at the end of life, while the scythe symbolizes the harvest. The reaper is often met with fear because of the misconception of this as final. However, perspective can transform that fear into gratitude for the fruits of labor, and an embracing of the fertile wake and space it holds for new life to emerge. In a tarot reading, death does not always mean the end of life, it can also represent the end of events, stages or relationships. Like the sunset illustrated on the card, or the coming of the winter months, the end of a cycle is also the beginning of something new and unknown.

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