Jessie Langs - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Small and Medium)

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Jessie Langs - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Small and Medium)

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Jessie Langs Friday the 13th Flash Set

Jessie has created some wonderful, creepy, and super cute tattoos for you to pick from! If your design sells out, don’t worry, purchase one of the others and request to get the one you want when you arrive! If there is a difference in price, you will be responsible upon arrival on appointment date.

Unless specified, all pieces are without color. The Cupcake and Poison Candy can be upgraded to color, just ask Jessie about the price difference!

Poison Candy:
3 in wide
color or BW
Sale: $40 BW, $50 color
Regular: $80

~2.5 inches wide
BW only
Sale: $30
Regular: $50

Monstera Leaf:
~3 inch long
BW stipple
Sale: $40
Regular: $50

Tropical Leaves:
4 inches wide x 3 inches tall
BW, as-is
Sale: $40
Regular: $50

2.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall
BW or color
Sale: $60 BW, $75 color
Regular: $100 BW, $120 color

Tattoo Options:
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  • Discounted pricing is for Friday the 13th (July 2018) promotion only
  • Sizes range from 2.5 to 6in, depending on choice; actual size may vary slightly depending on placement at artist's/client's discretion
  • Tattoo pricing does not include color. If you would like color, you may request from Jessie at your appointment - price difference will be approximately 20% more than list, and the amount will be due upon completion of work. Color available on POISON CANDY and CUPCAKE pieces
  • 1 of each available to be completed Friday the 13th, Jessie may be willing to exchange or upgrade when you arrive as long as you pay difference!
  • Sale price for booking during promotional period only, it is the Artist's discretion to schedule any of work after the 13th
  • Pricing based on estimated time to complete and on artist's everyday rate
  • After purchasing, the artist will reach out to you to schedule your appointment for on or after July 13th