Justine Cho - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Medium)

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High Res Flash Justine.jpeg
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Justine Cho - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Medium)

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Justine Cho - Wild Rose Eyeball, Deadly Nightshade, and Voodoo Bird Claw

Justine has created a beautiful flash sheet with three original pieces for the event, and has provided a gracious 50% discount on each! We are only selling 1 of each design in the online promo, but since they are all priced the same, feel free to ask Justine if you want to swap for one of the other two designs!

Tattoo Design:
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High Res Flash Justine.jpeg


  • Discounted pricing is for Friday the 13th (July 2018) promotion only
  • All three tattoos are around 3-4 inches at their longest, though size may vary slightly depending on placement at artist's/client's discretion
  • Tattoos do not contain color
  • 1 of each design available, though you can ask Justine if you would like to switch to one of the other three designs
  • Pricing based on estimated time to complete and on artist's everyday rate
  • After purchasing, the artist will reach out to you to schedule your appointment on or after July 13th