Nikole Knebel - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Small and Medium)

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nikole flash sheets cropped.jpg
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Nikole Knebel - Friday the 13th Flash Collection (Small and Medium)

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Nikole Knebel


Knifey -
3x5.5 (retail: $80/ 13th: $40)

Dolly face Killa -
5x3 (retail: $150/ 13th: $75)

D20 (alone)
1x1( retail: $75/ 13th: $40)

D20 w/ hand
4x6 (retail: $175/ 13th: $80)

13 w/ lipstick
3x1.5 (retail: $125/ 13th: $65)

13 (alone)
1x1.5 (retail: $60/ 13th: $30)

Lipstick alone -can pick lip color
1x2.5 (retail:$100/ 13th: $50)

Hell in Heels
1.5x2.5ish (retail:$75/ 13th $40)

Gone Fishin
4.5x2 (retail: $80/ $40)

2x3(retail: $75/ 13th: $35)

Eddie the Eagle
3.5x2 (retail: $120/ 13th: $60)

Spider Tat Hand
4x6 (retail:$180/ 13th: $80)

Tattoo Design:
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nikole flash sheets cropped.jpg


  • Discounted pricing is for Friday the 13th (July 2018) promotion only
  • Sizes range from just over one inch to 3x5.5 inches, may vary slightly depending on artist and client placement
  • Tattoos do not contain color unless specifically noted
  • Total available to be completed Friday the 13th, though Nikole may allow a few to be booked after promotional date 
  • Pricing based on estimated time to complete and on artist's everyday rate
  • After purchasing, the artist will reach out to you to schedule your appointment on or after July 13th
  • Nikole also has other services currently discounted, ask her about permanent cosmetics