Whiskey Skull - L.T. Woods (Large 5x5in)

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whiskey jar edited.jpg
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Whiskey Skull - L.T. Woods (Large 5x5in)

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LT has provided three amazing, full color designs that will be completed in his dynamic and illustrative style of tattooing. There is only one available of each design so reserve it now if you want a chance to get tattooed by LT at a discounted rate!

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  • Size Large is approximately 5x5 inches, may vary slightly depending on placement at artist's/client's discretion
  • Tattoo coloring included in price, though final coloring not represented in image (must be confirmed with artist)
  • Only 1 available for tattooing, may be used in future media (non-tattoo only) 
  • Sale price only for promotional period. Reschedules of this tattoo may result in increased price. (Artist's discretion)
  • Pricing based on estimated time to complete and on artist's everyday rate, price is final nothing owed upon arrival if paid in full
  • After purchasing, the artist will reach out to you to schedule your appointment