Piercing services

Alchemy Tattoo offers full service piercing available Tuesday thru Saturday 12-7pm. Please call ahead to be sure our staff can accommodate you.  Visit Allen Wilson’s portfolio page to learn more about our piercer and see some of his work.

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ear piercing

Piercing Prices

$30- Single Ear Lobe,

$40 - Nose, Lip, Labret, Monroe, Eyebrow, Tongue, Navel, Single Nipple, Helix, Tragus, Antitragus

$50 - Conch, Both Ear Lobes

$60 - Smiley, Frowny

$70 - Spider Bites, Venom, Upper and lower naval, Dermal, Nipples, Industrial Bar, Rook, Daith, Bridge, Genitals