-Aaron Wall has joined your party! Jake Bailey has left your party-

Jake Bailey has relocated to Three Fates Tattoo in Pensacola, Florida, but we look forward to welcoming him back for guest spots. We will let everyone know when we have official dates for his guest spots.

In other news, Aaron Wall has joined our team! Aaron has come to work this side of the river from Alton, Illinois. He formerly worked at Body Treasures. He enjoys doing larger scale pieces, so he's ready for your full back piece or leg sleeves. His work is now viewable here, on our Facebook, or on Instagram. If you are a Snapchat user, add him at awall217. He posts a lot of behind the scenes photos and videos. His Snapchat friends also get first dibs on unclaimed designs and open spots.

Jessie Langs is going to be starting to offer tattoos at the apprentice rate ($30/hr)! More information will be posted soon, but you are welcome to request an appointment in the mean time via our Appointment page.