Justine Tattooing

It's almost time! Our apprentice, Justine will soon be entering into the tattooing phase of her apprenticeship.  Sign up to be one of her first clients and get tattooed for free with only $30 sitting fee to cover the cost of overhead.  Spots are limited!

Check out Justine's portfolio and follow her instagram to watch her art and tattooing skills progress. See original designs as she creates them and let us know which one's you want her to make into tattoos!
Designs will be preselected by the artist based on your feedback, so let her know what you like and what you want to see!

Clients who sign up to her list will be the first to be notified and will get to choose their design before making an appointment.  Slight alterations might be possible, but please consider most designs "as is".  Her first round of appointments will be taken on a first come, first served basis with a $30 sitting fee that covers supplies, reserves the tattoo station, and the artist's time for the appointment. The size of the tattoo will be limited at the artist discretion (No, she cannot do a sleeve!)

Signing up to this list does not guarantee you a spot.  Only booking the actual appointment with a deposit will secure your place.

Hope to see you in the shop as Justine enter's this phase in her tattoo journey!  

Thank you for your continued support!