There are a few things to keep in mind before your appointment to make sure your tattoo goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.  The following tips will help you get the most out of your session.

  • Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before and refrain from drinking in excess. Feeling your best means your body will be able to tolerate pain more effectively. The same applies to illness; if you are not feeling well the day of your appointment you may need to reschedule so you do not over-stress your body.

  • Be sure to shower the day of your appointment. You're going to be in close proximity with your artist for several hours and a clean body minimizes your risk of infection. You will also smell better, which is cool.

  • You may shave the area with an electric razor only. Using a blade razor may cause extra skin irritation if the artist needs to shave the area again before tattooing.

  • Feel free to take Ibuprofen or other pain relievers in advance. Over-the counter meds are pretty effective at increasing pain tolerance.

  • Don't forget to eat a good meal right before your appointment. A hungry body is a stressed body, and stressed bodies have very lower tolerances for pain. You are also at a higher risk of passing out or becoming nauseous if your blood sugar is low.

That’s it! If you get nervous, know that it is very normal, even for seasoned tattooers. Just remember to focus on your breathing and relaxation will follow.

See you at the shop!