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Cody's rate is $130 an hour. To get tattooed, fill out the form below.  When your tattoo idea is accepted, you will be emailed a link to book your consultation. Reference photos will not be needed until the time of the consultation.  Please allow 5-7 business days to process your request.  

Name *
Please describe in detail what you would like to have tattooed. Reference photos will not be needed until your request is accepted.
Please indicate an approximate size in inches, or whether you would like a sleeve, half sleeve, full back etc. and the body part you would like it tattooed on.
Please indicate how much you are expecting to invest in your tattoo. Cody's hourly rate is $130 an hour.

Tattoos by Cody

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Cody is new to the St. Louis area and has been tattooing 11 years.   He has worked at Paris Tattoos in Charlotte, NC, Resurrection Tattoo in Austin, TX, as well as several shops in Las Vegas, NV.

He enjoys painting and is a self-proclaimed vinyl junkie.  Check out his available designs on our home page or book a consultation with him to get a custom drawn piece.